Pushkar – Night Impressions

At the end of the camel ride we got dropped close to the city center, so got an introductory walk of town and had dinner in a restaurant before making it back to the hotel.

Udaipur City Palace – or is there a better way to start a year?


We had an early start – at least for New Year’s Day. We left the hotel around nine in the morning to walk over to the City Palace and a guided tour there.

It came out, this had been a sensible thing to do – as there were very few other groups – and as such we got around the usual chaos.

Rajasthan Dancing

Coming back from the boat ride most of us joined in for a performance of Rajasthan traditional dances in the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum.

Following that – it being New Year’s Eve – we made it back to the hotel and the rooftop restaurant to make it into the new year. Hot ginger, lemon and honey – with an addition of rum – was my drink of choice this year … nice taste and (most important) keeping one warm.

Pangarh Lake Walk

We had some time to rest, have a tea and relax, before me met up again in the late afternoon for a walk along the lake and up the hill to the ruins of what used to be the local fort. On the way back we joined some locals and continued to the village to have a look around there – before making it back to the campsite.

To Pangarh Lake

We left Bundi and continued by train and 4WD towards what the itinerary listed as permanent luxury tentsite.