… and back to Dudutki

Today a treat was waiting for us; we were heading to Dudutki with the full team for a team event. Dudutki markets itself as a museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies – which basically summarizes it nicely.

The individual crafts are represented by the corresponding workshop – often with an actual craftsperson giving a demonstration and our guide providing the explanation. We started in the old windmill – to then cover a bakery, the workshop of a carpenter, a vodka distillery, an apiary, a farm, a pottery and a blacksmith’s shop – before making it to the museum’s restaurant, where a wide selection of Belorussian specialties was waiting for us.

Back to Minsk …

From the summer in Buenos Aires it was now on into the winter in Minsk, Belarus.

Another workshop was scheduled to happen here for two weeks following the week of my trip to Buenos Aires. This workshop in Minsk was basically the continuation of the workshop in Tokyo back in October.

Days were spent with technical discussions, while we had some good team dinners and activities in the evening. Below some photos of Minsk at night.

Final Impressions

Today was our last day in Minsk. During the day we continued to explore Minsk and its parks. In the late afternoon we met up again with the team for bowling and pizza.

When the two hours of bowling were over and we had to leave the lanes, we made our way back to the office (ten minutes by foot) for a farewell.

Sasha joined us on the way back to the hotel, showing us, what is probably the best place in Minsk for deserts and cake. After that we went for a trip in a pedal boat (at 22:30) on the Svislach river. We made our way back to the hotel then by metro … said good-bye to Sasha – and Minsk.

A big Thank You to everyone, who helped us on this trip and made it more enjoyable – благодарю!

Minsk Sightseeing

Today was our sightseeing day; we had taken the day off and made our way through town. We started at the train station, walking from there to (and visiting) the National Art Museum, then heading back to the prospekt and the office – passing through squares and parks on our way. We took it easy with plenty of stops in cafes. At one stage torrential rain started – we were lucky enough to sit in a cafe with cake in front of us 😉

We even made it all the way out to the Minsk’s newest attraction – the National Library, a diamond shaped building – sometimes called Chupa Chups (think … lollipop). We tried almost every entrance of it – until we found the right entrance to get us to the viewing platform on top.

We made it back into town by metro – our restaurant of choice was once more in the Old Town area – so we had a closer look at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit located right at the metro exit.

Around Gorky Park

When we got back from Dudutki, Pilar, Norman and myself asked to get dropped of at Gorky Park; we still had a trip on the Ferris wheel on our list. We arrived at the park and made it into a cabin of the wheel well before sunset.

Minsk at Night

After we returned to Minsk we took some time to get fresh – to then head out for dinner around Independence Square (formerly known as Lenin Square). Below some photos of the square and the Prospekt nearby.