More Bangkok …

My last two days in Bangkok (extended by one day – thanks to Thai Airways) – finally on myself (again).

I used these days for more sightseeing (Chatuchak Weekend Market, Jim Thompson’s House), shopping and going to the movies.

Back to the Mainland …

We left the island this morning.

The boat first took us back to Ko Sukorn, back to our luggage, showers and the internet. It was also here that I discovered that my flight back was cancelled and that I had to rebook my flight back…
After lunch we got back on the boat and to the mainland. Here we took a minibus to the town of Trang; later in the afternoon we boarded the nighttrain for Bangkok.

Heading for Ko Mah

Today was the start of the final highlight of the tour – a Sea Safari.

We left Ko Sukorn in the morning to get to an island a further 15 kilometers out in the Andaman Sea; on this island we set up our camp and enjoyed some more quiet days.

We named the island Ko Mah (translates to ‘Dog Island’), due to the number of dogs on the island.

Options here included hammocking, swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing.

Ko Sukorn

The 7th was a rainy day; though this was of less importance, as I was sitting at the back of a minibus moving on to the deep South of Thailand – into Trang province, destination being a small dock to catch a boat to the island of Ko Sukorn – our home for the next days.

From the dock it was a 45 minute boat trip over to the island, with its black sand beach and resort.

Glimpse into local Life – Krabi Homestay

This evening we took a tuktuk out to the countryside to get to a small village for a homestay.  After our Arrival we moved into our rooms and then got a guided tour of the community. At first our host introduced us to what is the main incomes of the village – rubber tapping.

When we got back from the tour, we moved on to what probably has been the best dinner of the whole trip. Dinner consisted of various dishes, mainly seafood and chicken stir-fries. After dinner we got some of the ingredients required for one of the breakfast dishes – thus leaving us to prepare part of our next day breakfast.

Ao Nang – Welcome to the Beach

Another bustrip brought us from Kao Sok to the coast in Krabi province.

After moving our luggage to our rooms, we got a transfer straight to the beach town of Ao Nang – below some impressions from Ao Nang Beach.

Around Kao Sok National Park

After a short transfer we got to Art’s Riverview Lodge near Kao Sok Nationalpark.

I ended up using the rest of Dec-3 to get organized (laundry, internet etc.) and then Dec-4 to enjoy nature floating down a river on an inner tube – so two more relaxing and laid back days.