Paradise Harbour – Glacier Cruise

After the climb the groups changed … now it was our turn for the zodiac cruise around the glacier tongues of Paradise Harbour.

Errera Channel

It was dinner time when we made it back to the ship (… seems it is always time for a meal, when you are on a ship that offers seven (yes – seven !!) meals a day …). So we had another opulent dinner while cruising through some of the most fabulous landscape on the planet.

Skiing on Livingston Island

As the mountaineers were quiet unlucky with the weather for the trip so far, we were invited to join for cross-country skiing.

I never had been on skis before – so here I was – on Livingston Island (at 62° 36′ S, 60° 30′ W) putting on skis the first time ever.

During the trip the conditions changed and we ended up in the middle of a snowstorm, with the visibility dropping to around three to five meters – a near-white-out.