Dinner at Djemma El-Fna

On this last evening we decided to have dinner at one of the many stalls at Djemma El-Fna square. We had the usual mix of salads, bread and grilled meat skewers.

After dinner some of us went for another mint tea (or coffee) to one of the balcony cafes – with a nice view over the square.

Essaouira – final Impressions

We were heading back to Marrakesh today – however with the bus only leaving in the afternoon, we still had a full morning in Essaouira.

I took it easy, walked down to the port (this time with a view from one of the towers) and then made it into the medina to explore some of the smaller side alleys. Most of the others used this morning for some final shopping.

We met again around lunch time for yet another fish souq based seafood and fish feast – before heading to the bus station and embarking for the three hours bus drive to Marrakesh.

Essaouira – continued …

After the tour finished, some of us made it back to the fish souq. Here we bought fresh fish (or squid in my case) and had it grilled to perfection at the grill stands at the Southern end of the market – simple and delicious.

In the afternoon I continued exploring town on myself – this time also leaving the medina and making it to the beach. Around sunset I met again with the others for another good dinner.

Heading for Essaouira

We had another long driving day ahead of us to finally get to the coast.

After a 45 minute drive we already had our first stop in Taroudant. Here we had the opportunity to visit the tanneries and to get an introduction into the process from raw animal skins to intricate leather products (e.g. bags, purses, shoes, hats).

After an option for some extensive shopping, we made it back to the center of town for some more free time – spent around the main plaza and in the nearby souk.

From here we continued towards Agadir and the coast. On the way we spotted a number of goats in the argan trees. At one point we stopped to take some pictures. The fact that we had to tip the herdsman somehow gave it the feeling of a tourist trap (I wouldn’t even be surprised, if they had put the goats into the trees – though later on in the trip, we have seen more goats in trees … without there herders nearby – so it might have been the real thing).

We proceeded to Agadir, where we bought lunch (it was pizza time for me) and continued to a beach further North to actually eat – and take a foot bath in the Atlantic (at an estimated 12 degrees Celsius, there was no way for more than a barefoot stroll).

After lunch we had a further two hours to go – until we made it to this day’s destination – Essaouira.

Back into Civilization

The night anyhow turned out quiet cold; tea at breakfast was highly appreciated – before we made it back into the 4WD cars – for another three hours drive back into civilization.

The Kasbah of Tamegroute

We left Zagora in the not too early morning (it was January 1st at last), heading for the Sahara. Our first stop on the way was in the small town of Tamegroute, where we tried to visit the mosque and library (the first off limit for non-Muslims, the second closed due to it being January 1st), followed by a walk through the underground kasbah and a visit of the local pottery collective.