Coptic Cairo

I got into Cairo in the middle of the night. After a short night and a late breakfast, I left the hotel and did head out for the Cairo’s Coptic quarter. After a number of churches and a visit to the Coptic museum (which I had missed on my previous visit), I made my way back to the hotel to meet up with my group.

Abydos and Dandara

From Luxor we had the opportunity to visit the temples of Abydos and Dandara. We just chartered a taxi for the whole day and a guide. It was quite impressive to see these two – not so crowded – temples, especially with the background of their history and inherent power.

Kom Ombo and Edfu

On the way back to Luxor (back on terra firma again) we did visit two further temples –  Kom Ombo and Edfu – impressions below.

Down the Nile … on a Felucca

The trip did include a felucca cruise down the Nile – probably the most relaxing part of the trip – with two days of chilling – no tombs or temples to visit or even think of. Just the felucca, the Nile and us.

Aswan & Abu Simbel

We had an early start today – at 3:30 (yes, that’s am) – to be on time for the convoy to see the magnificent and impressive temples of Abu Simbel.
After our return to Aswan and a very quick lunch we took a taxi to the boats to Philae Island for a look around.

The Valley of the Kings

This morning we took a boat to reach the other bank of the Nile. For the remaining 7km we took the most fun method of transportation – riding on donkeys.
After about an hours of pushing the animals to the right side of the street we arrived at the entrance gate to the Valley of Kings. After the Valley of the Kings we went to Deir-al-Madina, to see some of the smaller tombs of the craftmen and artists.


Today we finally made it back into the civilized world and to a decent hotel close to the center of Luxor.
We directly jumped on horse drawn carriages and continued to the Karnak Temple. where we had about the best guide one could get. Afterward we decided to also have a look at the Luxor Temple.

Around the Oasis of Kharga

This morning we did visit the necropolis of Bagawat, an old christian cemetery and the temple of Hibis – before proceeding to Kharga.

On Route to Dahkla

We left the White Desert in the morning, we changed from 4WD to the bus shortly afterwards.  We went on to Farafra to visit the Bader museum, which hosts an exhibition of the art of the local artist Bader, who depicts his oasis and the life in it in his various pieces of art.
The next stop has been the mud-brick town of El Qaser where we had a guide to show us around. Finally we arrived at our destination, the main village of the oasis of Dahkla.