We had a full day in Tashkent. In the morning we visited the German Protestant Church, to get some insight into Christian life in Uzbekistan. From here we made it into the backstreets of Tashkent and on to the mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffal Shoshi and the nearby Khast Imom Square with the museum housing the 7th century Osman Quaran. We made it back to the bus with a short stop at the Hazroti Imom Friday Mosque.

The afternoon was on ourselves – together with some follow travelers I ended up using the metro and making our way to Tashkent’s TV tower.

We even managed to get to the viewing platform – however due to whatever reasons, literally had to leave anything (including cameras) behind … so no photos from on top.

Market & Observatory

This day was yet another travel day. However – before leaving Samarkand, we visited the Bibi-Khanym Mosque (which I had already seen the day before), the nearby market and Ulugbek’s observatory.

More Dancing …

We finally made it into Samarkand in the evening.

We had dinner in a former caravansary in the city center – during dinner we not only enjoyed the nice food, but also – yet another – performance of traditional Uzbek music and dancing.

Hit the Road … Jack …

We now continued to Samarkand – another 260 km on the road.

On the way we stopped to see the remains of an old caravansary – Rabat Malik – and those of a domed cistern (conveniently just on the other side of the street).

Even more … Bukhara

We had another half day in Bukhara, before hitting the road for Samarkand. We spent that day with further sightseeing – starting with a visit of the Juma (Friday) Mosque. From here we continued to the Spring of Job and the mausoleum of Ismail Samani.

Another attraction was waiting for the more brave members of the group – a small amusement park (clearly Soviet style) with a Ferris wheel – of course I had to go for a ride – to get a view from above.

Hitting the Road …

A long driving day was ahead of us … all the way from Khiva to Bukhara – a mere 460 km on bad roads through the desert … with a picnic lunch stop somewhere on the way.