Today we left Rio Dulce and continued for the next highlight of the tour – Tikal.

This meant we had to go to Flores, the gateway to Tikal. We got here in the late morning. Exploration of town only started after a three hour lunch (let’s say, they were not too efficient in getting the dishes out).

Rio Dulce

Today was an early morning; we left Antigua by chicken bus to get over to Guatemala City (Guate), where we caught a normal bus to drive the seven hours down to Rio Dulce in the Guatemala low lands, close to the coast.

The last leg for this trip was by boat to our (basic) resort, where we had the rest of day (it was already late afternoon by now) to chill out, have a swim and a drink.

Panajachel and back to Antigua

We had another half day in Panajachel before making it back to Antigua.

In Antigua it was back into the same hotel and even the same rooms as a few night earlier. This was a chance to lean back and enjoy town for another half day.

To Panajachel … and the shore of Lake Atitlan

We continued from Chichicastenango in the late afternoon – to drive to Panajachel at the shores of Lake Atitlan. On the way we stopped at a view point to get an impression of the lake and the surroundings. We made it into Panajachel around sunset.

Chichi Market

Sunday is market day in Chichicastenango … and for us a good opportunity to dive into local culture – and see the color-ful Chichi Market.


Today was a free day – and for me the first free day since the tour had started.

In the morning Naomi, Sergej and myself wandered to the market to buy all those strange fruits one either does not get at home or one is not able to afford back home – to give them a try …  some of them were delicious, others okay, others better forgotten. I spent the rest of the day further exploring town.